V - Section Tool (Arrow Black)

A - Direct Select (Arrow White/Cursor)

C - Contour Line Editor

T - Text Tool

N - Line Tool

P - Pen

Y - Pencil

S - Ink Bottle (Stroke)

B - Paint Brush

K - Paint Bucket (Fill)

E - Eraser

I - Eye Dropper

Z - Magnifier (Zoom)

L - Lasso

M - Bone Tool



F5 - Add frame

Shift F5 - Delete Frame

F6 - Add Keyframe

F7 - Add Blank Keyframe

F8 - Make Symbol


Enter - Play

Command/Control 0 (zero) - Rewind

< - Previous Frame

> - Next Frame

Home - Goto First Scene

End - Goto Last Scene

Page Up - Goto Previous Scene

Page Down - Goto Next Scene


Command/Control R - Import Image/Sound/etc...

Command/Control Shift R - Export to .swf/.spl/.gif/, and so on

Command/Control Shift O - Open as Library


Command/Control 1 - View movie at 100% size

Command/Control 2 - Show Frame

Command/Control 3 - Show All


Command/Control L - Show/Hide Library

Command/Control M - Modify Movie Properties

Command/Control E - Toggle between Edit Movie and Edit Symbol Mode

Command/Control Shift L - Show/Hide Timeline

Command/Control Shift W - Show/Hide Work Area

Modifying and editing

Command/Control G - Group

Command/Control U - Ungroup

Command/Control B - Break Apart

Command/Control Shift V - Paste in Place

Command/Control D - Duplicate

Command/Control A - Select All

Command/Control Shift A - Deselect All

Command/Control Shift O - Optimize Curves

Command/Control K - Align Window

Command/Control Shift S - Scale and Rotate

Command/Control Shift Z - Remove Transform

Command/Control Up Arrow - Move Ahead

Command/Control Down Arrow - Move Behind

Command/Control Shift Up Arrow - Bring to Front

Command/Control Shift Down Arrow - Send to Back

Command/Control T - Modify Font

Command/Control Shift T - Modify Paragraph

Command/Control Left Arrow - Narrower letterspacing (kerning)

Command/Control Right Arrow - wider letterspacing (kerning)

Other tricks

With the arrow cursor:
Control + Drag - Duplicates a shape

Press the control key first (Mac OS and Windows) and drag a selected shape or group of shapes to duplicate those shapes where you release the mouse button.
Command/Control Clicking a keyframe to move frame

Command/Control clicking a frame in the timeline switches the cursor to a slider. It allows you to drag that frame to a new place in the timeline within that same layer. This function is useful for editing the positioning of tweens, and so on, in the timeline.
With the magnifier tool:
Control + Click - Toggles to the opposite magnifier.

If the + magnifier (zoom in) is active, and you hit Control while clicking, you switch to the - magnifier and actually zoom OUT.
With the dropper tool:
Shift + Click - Select a color for both fill and outline tools

Clicking a red fill does the same, giving you the Bucket tool, and switching fill colors to red. But the outline tool colors are not changed. Clicking text switches the text tool to that color, and gives you the text tool. Shift clicking with the dropper makes the color you click active for ALL tools. It doesn't automatically switch you to any tool. It leaves the dropper active.
This shortcut is one of the least known for Flash. It's the only way to use the dropper on an outline for example, and then switch to the fill tool and have that color automatically active.

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