Monday, July 14, 2014

Assignment 01

Welcome to MAA 321 2D Animation Assignment 1 consists of 2 parts
  • Part 1 is the quiz it will help you become more familiar with the Ui.
  • Part 2 is a bouncing ball assignment also to help you become more familiar with the Ui before we go into more complex shapes and forms with our animation
Assignment 1
Part 1
Flash Quiz
Please list the following Five Main parts of the flash interface
  1. ___
  2. ___
  3. ___
  4. ___
  5. ___
Please list the "Hot Keys" for the following tools or commands
  1. The Selection Tool or Black Arrow
  2. The Pencil Tool
  3. The Brush Tool
  4. The Pen Tool
  5. The Oval Tool
  6. The Rectangle Tool
  7. How do you ADD a key frame to you timeline
  8. How do you DELETE a key frame 
  9. Make a SYMBOL
  10. Import an image, sound, etc...
  11. How do you Group objects
  12. How do you Ungroup objects
  13. Select All
  14. Deselect All
  15. Paste in Place
Assignment 1
Part 2
Ball Bounce
In Flash create a ball bounce.
Criteria for this assignment.
There needs to be some environment for the ball to bounce in.
The ball should look more than just some plain old circle, maybe it is a baseball, basketball, ping pong, or bowling ball.
Whatever type of ball you choose, it should act like it--both in it's weight and how it reacts to the surface of the environment you have it in.
The scene should last at least 5 seconds and should resolve its action in the scene i.e. it should settle

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