Wednesday, July 16, 2014

William Foster, Assignment 01

Flash Quiz
Please list the following Five Main parts of the flash interface

  1. Stage
  2. Properties
  3. Tools
  4. Library
  5. Timeline
Please list the "Hot Keys" for the following tools or commands
  1. The Selection Tool or Black Arrow- V
  2. The Pencil Tool- Y
  3. The Brush Tool- B
  4. The Pen Tool- P
  5. The Oval Tool- O
  6. The Rectangle Tool- R
  7. How do you ADD a key frame to you timeline- F6
  8. How do you DELETE a key frame- Shift+F6
  9. Make a SYMBOL- F8
  10. Import an image, sound, etc...- Ctrl + R
  11. How do you Group objects - Ctrl +G
  12. How do you Ungroup objects Ctrl + U
  13. Select All- Ctrl + A
  14. Deselect All- Ctrl+Shift+A
  15. Paste in Place- Ctrl+Shift+V

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